Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday evening…

What a week it has been. There has been soooo much emotion – expressed, implied and suppressed. An implosion was always on the cards.

Hopefully the cards have all fallen where they need to be. It will be plain to those involved – how they feel if it is right for them.

I have had a full on week in many ways. My relationships are all shifting – some good some bad. I have re connected with eldest daughter. Now it remains to be seen if we can maintain that connection. It doesn't help if you have her father driving a wedge in there where he can. Dickhead. How could he think that he could come between a mother and her daughter. Like i said – Dickhead. This is still quite volatile and unstable though. At this point in the proceedings I know that it would only take one wrong thing to bring it all crashing down again. I am determined however, and committed to making a difference. The cost would be too great not to.


Christmas coming. Or should I say SPF (Stolen Pagan Festival). I have a large bush in my living room. Complete with flashing lights and tinsel. Oh Joy. Have been out and spent a lot of money already, and with more to spend. Will be back out this weekend with aforementioned princess to try and finish off her gifts. that just leaves my boy. I have half done him. and most of the rellos. Sigh. At least i will have time to come back and sit in a corner and rock. Uninterrupted. Thank the goddess about that. And of course there is always Christmas Cheer – the bottled kind.

I have tried to contact my brother to see what is happening spf day, but he hasnt returned my call. how unusual. grrrrrr



back to in.

have a nice weekend

and dont go too crazy over the silly season.


love Jen



wykd wytch said...

its freaking madness out there........w.w.

Michelle said...

I am a shopping on Tuesday...somebody save me!!!!11

Wendy said...

I won't go crazy in the silly season - I reserve that kind of thing for the rest of the year ;oP

Cyndy said...

hey Jen!!!!

Brother lives at Elermore vale.