Monday, 27 October 2008


I had wierd stuff going on this morning.

when i woke up - my consciousness was dragged back to a trance like state - where i was told a Goddess was 're-emerging'. Very powerful stuff. it was like some ancient Goddess, who will be helping with something to do with the ascension process.

specifically 'communication', was what i got, which is why it was pertinent to me.

once i was 'let go', i tried to return but could not. i wanted to find out more.

i will leave this with you - anyone got any ideas.



Lisa said...

yep, its amorah- she comes at time like this
she came just befroe my breakthrough of a couple of years ago
massive energy

Anchell said...

Those two old ladies from the chirch...ummmm cant remember their names, they have a property somewhere...they have been talking about this for years

Bugger, what ahhhh OLIVE

Anonymous said...

I love those states.... I wish I could remember clearly like you do.

I read your post Jen, and the next thing I clicked on was this article. Maybe you'd find it interesting.

"On the 7th day comes the return of the Galactic Sun, the ascension of Gaia, and those beings who wish to return from their light bodies back to Earth to create the new age will be able to remanifest into their true physical form. Those that desire to continue on will be given the freedom to do so. And Gaia will be born anew and free from the demons of mankinds shadows."

Hippy Witch said...

I am so background envy, how do I do this

Jen said...

thanks guys for your imput. it certainly was very powerful, yes. Still processing though. Thanks for the link Jac - will go and have a look at it.

and diana - click the button at the top left of my screen. it was too easy. follow their instructions.


Faerie said...

Deep powerful beautiful!

... and I totally love your background too!