Sunday, 26 October 2008

Moving onwards and upwards.....

tomorrow is another day

i am a spiritual being having a human experience - i am here to learn and learning i am

i dont have full understanding - but stuff is making more sense today then it did even yesterday.

tis good

thanks for your support, i love you

in other news.....

yesterday i cleaned like a madwoman

this house was incredibly messy - there was shit on every surface, i kid you not.

everyone pitched in too and now we are sparkly and tidy.... well - it has been another 24 hours so the shine has come off somewhat.

that was the legacy of working every day last week unexpectedly, after our awesome retreat. Part of me wishes i was still there. Sometimes over the last few days - in awful moments - i would close my eyes and imagine i was still at stroud. recreate a room in my mind and spend a few minutes believing i was back there. ahhhh peace.

i also gave my homework a fair crack. i have done enough to keep me out of trouble - not as much as i would like though - i will do more. I want to do more. and i will.... true

i have also almost finished my tarot homework. i am halfway through 7 of 8. all good.

tomorrow (dont tell any local principals) i have all day to myself. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh..... love it

i will finish that tarot stuff, then maybe get a bit more beltane done.


i am going to go and read my book for a little while before i go to bed

i will have a good night sleep too

i will


nighty night


Myst_72 said...


Catching up a bit always feels better.

Hope it continues for you,

thinking of you,


Lisa said...

that is more like it Jennifer

Jewell said...

enjoy your day off to you xx