Thursday, 30 October 2008


Got word from the doctors surgery a little while ago that K needs to come in next week for a follow up visit.

Yesterday she had an xray of her lumbar and sacral region for a sore back she has been having.

Apparently she has a 'twist in her spine'. The doctor was so busy that i couldnt speak to him to find out what this means in real terms.

I have to wait til next tuesday arvo.


not worrying will be hard

for me especiallly

frik - this kid is incredibly physical. it WILL be ok - i know it.

i searched it up on the net and came up with something called Scoliosis. I looked at her xray myself and noticed there is a slight bend..... very slight though. not like what i saw on the net.

and i thought i had enough to contend with already....


anyone know anything about this????


Hippy Witch said...

I have know a couple of people with Scoliosis, but it was bad and they walked on an angle because their spine was so curved. Im trying to think of the actress's name who has it to, she was on neighbors when it first started (25.5 years ago, I did watch it for the 1st year, she was a bitch. she is well known, I never know peoples names, she has blond hair now I think, but anyway she has this also.

Faerie said...

I have scoliosis - my lumbar spine bows out to the right.

I just live with it as there is nothing that can be done!

Jen said...

Hmmm - ok

not the end of the world i guess

i spoke to her ballet teacher, her sister has it too.

its going to be fine :)

thank you

Tesah said...

My brother has a mild case. Apparently physical activity is the best thing for it.

Anonymous said...

I have a curve in my spine too not bad enough to have had something done but it will get worse with age ( doesnt everything )yeah I just live with it....lots of stretching is good and a really really good mattress to sleep on.w.w.

Cyndy said...

The spine is naturally curved, but a twist is different. There may be quite a few options, Jen. Just wait until the doc lets you know what the problem is, as treatments vary from case to case. Georgie Parker (All Saints) has scoliosis, if that's what K has.

Lisa said...

i have it- diagnosed with it when i was pregnant with Prue- i had a firned who spent some time wearing a cast for hers- it all depends on how bad it is. My mohter has acute scolosis bought on by polio.