Monday, 20 October 2008

We're baaaack


Stroud Monastery was, on the most part, truly amazing.

There is lots i want to tell you about the weekend. It was all it was cracked up to be and more. I will do it tonight. Promise. I have photos too. Some have been posted on the Stroud Website. Here is one we did for fun...
Hee hee - what a beautiful picture on that wall
The place is incrediblly beautiful - i just love being there.
Learning, laughing, painting, glueing, meditating, eating, talking, i could go on and on.
I came home, desperately looking forward to today. A day off with no monastery retreat to think about and wonder if we forgot anything, no husband home on a weeks holidays, no kids, just me and my home and my thoughts. Then the phone call comes. Working all week (except thursday) because the office manager's father passed over and she wont be in. Damn it. Oh well. I told them ages back that i am unavailable on Thursdays. I am really glad i did now.

So - off to the shower am i.

a week of mrs office lady am i. in my least favourite school. looking forward to pay day.



Faerie said...

Cooool painting on the wall!

Stroud Rocked!

Bee said...

how in the f;;k did you do that that is so cool,but im to fat cant you make me a bit thinner,he he

Anonymous said...

that photo is awesome :)

glad you had a good time

Jewell said...

wow picture is sooo good...we did have great time didn't we!!!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo excellent!!!!!We need a copy for the cottage.w.w.