Monday, 20 October 2008


i want to go back to stroud

it was incredibly relaxing. no pressure. no one to worry about but myself. luxury

i loved every bit of it

  • the goddess necklet.
  • the painting.
  • the SoulCollage
  • the food.
  • omg the food.
  • the silly dancing competition, go shann
  • the group stories, hilarous
  • Cindy came all the way from Cowra
  • love you Cindy
  • the food,
  • the ritual, awesome
  • my room
  • the chapel
  • the hallways
  • the wallaby
  • the altar
  • both of them
  • sticky date or fig or whatever it was - frikkin yum
  • flowers
  • haunted rooms
  • friends
  • sisters (and brother!!!)
  • laughing... oh so much laughing
  • pure joy
  • solitary meditation in the chapel
  • calcite - good choice Diana
  • prayer flags
  • photos
  • strengths
  • food
  • Leanne - how good was it to see her again
  • Mary and Cheryl arriving
  • peace
  • tranquility
  • cows
  • even funny sounding ones
  • no television
  • no radio
  • no mobile phone coverage
  • that incredible kitchen
  • avalon fruit... yum!!!
  • and more

i could go on... forever

i soooo love that place - I am soooo glad that i took my camera with me. last time i went up there i didnt have a camera with me. so i forgot some of the details of how wonderful it is. i have pictures now so i will remember it forever. sorry, am ranting.

check out the rainbow orb in this picture i took of the mother and child statue.
how cool


Faerie said...

Beautiful picture!

... sign me up for Stroud '09!

Jewell said...

that is way cool

Kristy-Lee said...

Cool photo!