Monday, 13 October 2008

I'm back!!

Had a lovely time at the Bay. Really did.

Boy perked up heaps on friday arvo and his father ended up bringing him up on friday night - we just gave him the ensuite as his own and disinfected everything he touched. Remains to be seen whether he passed it on or not - hope not.

We rented a holiday house - and although it was 'not as described' - we had a great time. Good friends, lots of laughs, lots of walking, beach, sun, shopping, eating. All good. All the kids were fantastic - got along well and had a good time too. Excellent.

I hoped to catch up with Chelle while i was up there - but there just wasnt time.

I took some time to catch up with all the blogs and emails this afternoon. Renata's witches kitchen sounded hepas fun - how did Arek cope with his sister wives?? Happy birthday old girl!! will see you soon.

And the handfasting... geeze i wish i could have been there. I was thinking about Kay and Bill, and all of my sisters all afternoon yesterday. the photos look beautiful and am so glad that it turned out so well. Hugs and blessings to both Kay and Bill.

Faerie is coming back to YAAD. I am very glad for you Faerie. I know you have missed it and from past experience, it shouldnt be long before there is a perpetual 'Faerie Award' up there alongside the 'Diana Award'. Blessings to you Faerie.

Oh well - best get into the washing and putting away.

Looking forward to full moon this week and most of all our Stroud Retreat!!!! YAY. am very excited.
this should be an EXCELLENT weekend. cant wait.



Faerie said...

Thanks Jen :-)

It's an exciting time to be alive!!!


Myst_72 said...

So pleased everything worked out in the end :-)
Hope your young man is better now,