Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Day One

  • Breakfast - yes... well, three hours late - it was three hours after i got up that i remembered... its a slow start i know but i eventually got there - will endeavour to make it quicker tomorrow.

  • Exercise - hopped into the pool with the kids (my first swim this season, it has to be warm as a bath to get me in) water temp just bearable - swam a few laps, kickboarded a few laps and played cricket with a blow up ball and a water skateboard - heaps of fun for the whole family. Very happy with that.

Tired now - and cranky. As is everyone here. The girls got to bed at about 3am, I went at about 1, Egan about 12.30. Everyone is super sensitive - early nights for everyone tonight, cant wait til tomorrow.

I am really excited about the new year. Want to try to do the tarot layout Lisa explained in her pist today - might go and do it now while they are in the pool and i have five minutes peace.

Lots of love to all my blogging friends

May 2008 be the start of a magickal new cycle for you (and me)



1 comment:

Jewell said...

Happy New Year Jen, may this year bring all that you wish for...

so maybe wish for a body like Racheal Hunter!!!