Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Day Two - still on track

Breakfast - YES!! within half an hour of waking - the best i can do, my teeth just dont want to chew when i first wake up.

Exercise - I just got back from a walk for supplies down to Bilo, probably almost two kilometers - made the obligatory half an hour. I am now going to go and get into the pool as i am hot and smelly for sure.


Life going on as usual, kids fighting - gotta love the holidays.

Yesterday was monumental in one way. I finally uploaded the book by Shirley Darby that i have been preparing to the publisher. God it was hard letting go of my baby like that. I just hope to god it gets there as it was sent and nothing has moved. It was a big job and am really glad its over. Now Shirley wants me to come down for a chakra balancing and reading... and i want to let her!! sounds just the ticket. And she will pay me when i get there.

Schweeeeet again.

well going for a dip now

take care

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