Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Another SoulCollage card....

I love this image, I found it while flipping through a magazine and had to jump up there and then and stick it on a piece of board. VERY happy with this card.

Still waiting for a Source Card image....

Have spent some time to dialogue with a couple of my cards, including this one. The process is definately easier the more times you do it - I suppose i have been putting it off a little, it is a bit confronting at times i have found.

Kathleen, I have been struggling to fill in the "How will I remember?" section. I cant remember what I am supposed to put there.

Looking totally forward to coming along to the group next month and showing off my new cards. I am very pleased and in love with the whole thing, it speaks to so many aspects of me and makes so much sense, not all of which can be adequately put into words. EVERYONE should be doing this.


Kathleen said...

Jen, your newest card is so magical!

The "How will I remember?" question speaks more about how you will remember the Neter's energy/message as you through everyday life ... for example, if this were my card, perhaps when I see a bridge or a castle, it would remind me of the card and hence the message.

Hope that helps : )

Lisa said...

friggin awesome morgs !