Friday, 18 January 2008

Friday Five

Here is a little thing i just thought of.... five things on friday

Five reasons why I hate the school holidays

1. Because I am fed up with love my children.

2. We dont have enough money to go on holidays or do lots of things so everyone ends up really bored and irritating.

3. Because everyone is bored and irritated, everyone irritates everyone else as much as possible for entertainment.

4. My space is seriously invaded. During school holidays i have NO personal space that is not punctuated by some childs screams.

5. The television is on for most of the day. (please dont be the "parenting police" and tell me how bad television is for children, i dont care)

Well thats it for today.....

I need to go and get ready now, i am going to lunch with the girls from work, and have secured babysitting (yippeee - adult company).

Catch you then



Rider-Waite said...

My Tv is on all day as well. Thank God for the cartoon network on Austar. My girls are in Daycare today and the boy is at his Grandparents. I had lunch with a friend ON MY OWN!!! It was most excellent and very exciting. I actually got to eat it all myself. Without sharing. A highlight of my week.

LUCKY said...

We know that you really love them to death....

Cyndy said...

The hols are nearly over Jen... and the grind begins again...