Sunday, 8 July 2007


Well .... am absolutely STUFFED!!

Have spent all day cleaning out and sorting through stuff in readiness for our carpet to be laid on Tuesday morning. I was sorting out boxes of stuff that havent been touched since we moved in here almost 4 years ago. Well, well overdue. I felt really good doing it, finally, and its a job i have been putting off for a really long time.

My bedroom has always, up til now anyway, been used as a storeroom for surplus or unsorted stuff. Stuff that people no longer need get chucked in there until they find their way to new homes or the Salvo's or somewhere. I am SO over it. No longer will it happen. In a few weeks our new bedroom suite will be arriving. The carpet will be laid on Tuesday. Shortly we will cover over the navy, orange and silver frost paint that graces our bedroom walls. (Imagine that with cherry red carpet). It is the only (besides the laundry) room in the house that hasnt been redecorated. The family room was finished last weekend so its full steam ahead for a total makover in the bedroom. Hopefully we can get it finished before the new furniture arrives.

I also had to go in and lend a hand in miss 12's bedroom, because she is apparently incapable of dealing with the piles of mess she created when she sorted everything out..... hmmmm, lucky she is cute.

Speaking of Miss 12. She is quite pleased with herself this week as she was successful at her audition for the Newcastle Jets 'cheer' squad, The Bomber Squad. Apparently ( i havent been to see the Jets before) they are a 100 person (aged between 5 and 17) squad that dance before the game and at half time. She sure knows how to boogie that kid.

Had beloved's birthday dinner last night. The usual baked dinner for 16, at the last minute one family couldnt come (damn! hee hee!) so that only left 12. Decided to do party pies etc for the kids who dont appreciate it anyway, so that left cooking for 6. TOTALLY doable. Done! Easy. Scored a sandwich press of MIL, which was schmick as mine went floating out the door a month ago. GOOD score.

BIG week ahead.

  • Monday - Arty Farty group, men coming to measure up for new kickboards in kitchen, Cindy arriving from Cowra.
  • Tuesday - Carpet being laid, friend that i havent seen for two years coming for lunch, car in for service.
  • Wednesday - Aerial man coming to quote to get more tv channels then 3 and 5, hair appointment at 11.30.
  • Thursday - YAAD... replacement furniture arriving (except our bedroom suite)
  • Friday - there is something, but i cant remember what it is.

looking forward to a rest.

will try to blog in the mean time.

will also try to do homework for YAAD

take care everyone


Lisa said...

get cracking morgs !

Anchell said...

renata has the cracking....nice pist jen!

Cyndy said...

You're in for a great week, Jen!
So many fresh starts! Sometimes a cleansing is good!!!!!

I have a friend from Muswellbrook whose 16 yr old daughter has been a Jets cheerleader for 2 seasons now, and Sarah justs loves it. Congratualtions to your girl!! She obviously boogies with style. And it must be god to see your hard-earned pennies come to fruition.

Have a good week, Jen. :0)

Rider-Waite said...

You one busy lady!! Have fun re-decorating your room. That is next on our list after we pull our carpet up and do the floorboards. Here we are getting rid of carpet, while you wait for yours!! Funny world..

Lisa said...

how did the cracking go ?