Thursday, 19 July 2007

Blogging..............ah yes.........I remember that...

I have decided to give up on apologising for being a slack-arse blogger. Maybe it has to do with my lack of organisational skills, as evidenced by having to sit up til 1 o'clock this morning finishing off my homework. Whatever.... I have tried... and failed.

But i always come back eventually! I just cant usually think of anything interesting to say.

It has been another extremely hectic week. Had His Lordship home for the week with a crook back. Just when i got the kids off to school.... never mind, i have next week for solitude and peace. Yay.

Tomorrow promises to be more relaxing though.... instead of running around like a fly of the blue arsed variety, i might go and wander around a couple of op shops at wallsend..... sounds like fun. Glad they are all up the top end of the street, or they would have been flooded out. That would have been baaaaaaad.

How bloody cold is it?? I always have said that i prefer the winter, because you can always add more clothes, blankets etc to get warm, though in summer i can never get cool enough. I must be getting old or something. It is getting to me this year. Even now, with the heater going and warm tracky daks and sloppy joe on, striped socks and slippers, i am bloody freezing.

Enough whinging.

Had an interesting experience a couple of nights ago and thought i might share. I was lying in bed, not tired and just thinking (monkey mind), when i had the impression (vision) of the veils shielding my third eye being torn away. The thought went through my mind "Finally, i can see!!". I then proceeded to be entertained by all sorts of visions. When they finished i just lay there gobsmacked. Wow. I was DEFINITELY awake. I know that. There are several reasons why i feel i may have turned that corner. Several leaps in consciousness have been made during the last couple of weeks. I am happy that the results of that personal growth have been so vivid and definite. Truly blessed am i.

Oh well, I might go and push up some zeds. Very very tired after burning the midnight oil last night.

May angels guide your path


Cyndy said...

Hooray, Jen's back!!!

And she can see!!!!

And blog!!!

But it's bloody freezing for sure. I trust the new carpet is schmick and warm, Jen. And not loud.... <3

Anchell said...

How very cool.

Kristy-Lee said...

Yes, is your carpet quiet now Jen?

Is your house lovely and new?

Rider-Waite said...

Yes I agree, It is very COLD.

I have had a few funny experiences lately of hearing music in my right ear at night WHEN THERE HASEN'T BEEN ANY ON!!! It freaked me out for a bit but Mum told me it was just a faerie being cheeky. Well, I said "let it be cheeky when I not trying to bloody sleep!" Cause I am a grumpy whinger at the moment.