Monday, 30 July 2007


Well today i am gone.

Personal space is gone.

Off to work i go, hi ho, hi ho...

Have fun at Arty Farty, I will be thinking about you.

Will be trying to get to a funeral today, if the boss lets me, hope he does. A lovely friend passed over last week, (she was 69 'chelle), and i hope to pay my respects today. She ran the first meditation group that i went to and taught me many many things. She always had a lot of faith in me and encouraged me muchly. Until we meet again Kay.......

Anyway, i am off to shower and dress for newsletter day - joy, just hope no one vomits!!



Cyndy said...

Are the newsletters that bad????

Give your friend a good send-off, Jen.

Thinking of you xo

Rider-Waite said...

Hope you can get the time off to say goodbye to your friend Jen.

What is newsletter day and why would someone vomit on it?

Anonymous said...

Good luck...we miss you too, although I will see you tonight!