Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Im here... still..... yep its me..... here

I know i have been a really slack arse blogger lately... sorry for all those who have been waiting patiently for my next pist.

Well, wait no longer, it is here. I cant guarantee it will be interesting, but nonetheless, it is here.

I have had a mad couple of days. Running around like a fly of the blue arsed variety.

Took the kids for a Pixi Photo today. Wasn't that fun, TWO HOURS LATER... I was TOTALLY over it!! They were running over an hour late. Just what I needed, to wander aimlessly around Target for an hour. Grrrrrrr

I am very excited because our new carpet is getting laid next week. YAY!! Getting SO sick of paint splattered concrete floors.

The moon is awesome tonight.... she looks like she is looking down on us.

Looking forward to YAAD tomorrow, I even have arrangements made for Egan, so it is all sweet.

I downloaded this Mandala creator from the net after art class on monday afternoon. Here is the link. HEAPS of fun. I just created the one at the top of this pist. It is a shareware program. I like it that much (and so do the kidlets) that i think i might have to buy it. Very schmick.
What is not schmick, is the 'y' button on my keyboard. I have to hit it really hard to make it work. I usually forget and end up backspacing lots of times whilst typing to put in the 'y'. It is shitting me to tears.
Well i had better hit the sack so i can get up nice and early tomorrow morning for YAAD.
See you then.... or when ever.


Anchell said...


You used black??

Have you not been listening???

rainbowspirit said...

yes, but doesnt it look good!!!!

and why arent you in bed at 00.06am? you have a class to go to today!