Friday, 27 July 2007

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July 28: Venus turns retrograde don’t be surprised if someone from your past contacts you. When Venus, the planet of love, turns retrograde, it is time to focus on your important relationships. And since all retrograde periods signal a time of review, it can be helpful to revisit the past to more deeply understand your current relationships or to assimilate more thoroughly events and conversations that didn't get your full attention previously. In Virgo (the sign of work, health and service) assess the most practical parts of your relationships. Ask yourself: What are we doing for each other and how are we helping? The wonderful thing about Venus going retrograde is that this review process is invaluable to the continued growth of a relationship. It can help you take care of unfinished business and gain a deeper perspective on the status of your current relationships. Although people tend to withdraw overt affection during Venus retrograde periods, this stepping back allows Neptune (the planet of spiritual love and the higher octave of Venus) to step forward. Sometimes we need to reassess the state of our relationships to see if we are heart-connected. If this period is unsettling, look to see if your relationships are in line with your ideals, your inner values, what you wish to receive.

July 30: Full Moon in Aquarius The full Moon is associated with heightened emotions even when it's in Aquarius, an air sign known for detachment. This full Moon marks the culmination of what you set in motion at the new Moon in Cancer on July 14. Whereas back then, lead by such a sensitive water sign, you were focused on what you wanted to nurture and protect, now you want to bring those ideas and plans into the wider world. An Aquarius Moon activates our desire to be part of something bigger, whether it's your local community or getting involved in a global initiative. Air signs love to communicate, so socialize and catch up with your friends or join an organization that promotes a cause close to your heart. This is also the Moon that emphasizes the need to be independent, unique and free. The goal here is to connect with others and also be your own unique, original self. Moon times are always about making sure you find your own current emotional niche. So, in the days following the full Moon, but before the next new Moon, get a plan together to maximize what's great or to make changes that will make you feel more comfortable

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