Monday, 26 February 2007

A - Z

Hmmm - is the eye a little freaky???

let me know ok....

I am boring - and i have a boring life. I cant think of anything to say but thanks for reminding me 'chell anyway.

I might do an A - Z thing like Lisa has been doing... hope you dont mind, Lisa?

A is for Airlie, my daughter who was suffering such bad PMT this morning that i had to let her stay home from school - she is SCARY!! God help any poor husband that she eventually gets....

B is for Bloody hell this is hard!!! and i am only up to B!!! Oh and Brad of course, my 18th birthday present.

C is for Children..... love em to death but they drive me nuts... and Coffee, shared with friends of course.

D is for Duffer who is having a baby any minute, cant wait.

E is for Egan - my son the monster truck.... energetic Aries boy who is bright, funny and extremely annoying sometimes.

F is for the swear word i am trying not to say too much and failing miserably.

G is for Goldbergs - my favourite place for coffee shared with friends.

H is for Housework. I suck at it.

I is for Imagination. If i can imagine it, it will be. Now i just have to get this from my head to my heart.

J is for Jennifer - the name i was christened. The name I hate. Although I am 'starting' to get used to being called it... thanks Lisa.

K is for Kira - My middle child. Well I mentioned the other two so I had better not leave her out. She is incredibly everything.

L is for Life's Lessons. They just never stop coming do they....

M is for Maxed Out - thats my head..... so muchy stuff is going around in there, it feels like it is going to explode.... explode moments are interspersed with completely blank moments.... hmmmm

N is for Noodles!! I cooked honey soy hoikken noodles for tea tonight and EVERYONE liked them. Definitely blogworthy - the instances of everyone liking something I cook is so rare - might buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

O is for Oh dear, I cannot think of an O....

P is for Pastels - and the heaps-fun Arty Farty Mary Party we had on Sunday at the Cottage. Pastels are so much fun. P is also for Purple sPheres - I went a little overboard methinks. And for Phew - I am more then halfway there.
I started this post last night and got up to here. Got too tired and had to stop.
I think that is why Michelle growled at me, cause i cut and pasted instead of thought.

Q is for Quite hard these last few letters..... will struggle through, never fear...

R is for Rain - I love it!! Bring it down!!

S is for Spirituality. Which is my quest to know myself, and make a difference.....

T is for Touch Footy which is where i have been tonight.... and my boy scored his first ever try in this, the second from last game of the season.... YAY - very impressive.

U is for Up to my ears in housework... again.... housework is like threading beads onto a string with no knot tied in the other end, eh.

V is for Vivacious - which i wish i was..... i think........

W is for Wise. I feel extremely lucky to have lots of wise people around me....

X is for eXtremely tired, and often bored (stretching I know, but you get that!)

Y is for Yesterday, when i started this post and YAY, cause i am almost done....

Z is for Zzzzzz - am still very tired.
Signing out now
Enjoy your evening.
Luv Jen
p.s. that was harder then i thought!


Jewell said...

may have seemed hard but good to read...keep it up...

Cyndy said...

Congrats, Jen; you made it. I'm not even game to try..add too lazy to that as well. Note the amount of blogging I've done lately.....

Jennifer is actually a lovely timeless name. In the 5 years leading up to my birth, the girl child was to be named (by my father and brother) 'Jennifer Louise'. 4 weeks before I was born, my dad's favourite aunty died, and he decided that the girl child would be named 'Miriam (and, wait for it...) Daffaron' (which was his mother's middle name). Thankfully, my mother stood her ground and insisted he call me something else. God knows where 'Cynthia Anne' came from. So the moral of the story? I would have been greatful to have been called "Jennifer". I don't know what mum's brother would have named his daughter though....

I love your children's names, Jen. All a bit unusual, but not over the top!