Sunday, 22 August 2010


Constantly in awe. I am totally blown away AGAIN by the incredible insights that are available via Astrology. This is such a huge subject. With so many facets, all with their own so many facets… i think I will be learning about this for THE REST OF MY LIFE. Although the info is flowing thick and fast lately. I am also filled with gratitude for the guidance I have been receiving, pointing me to where to find the answers.


Listening to that niggle that forced me to keep looking. To keep following a seemingly endless trail that led me to the answer that can explain my feelings for the past month. I am soo glad that my increased knowledge  has allowed me to understand what I was reading, which kept me following that trail.

I am going to include the following passage from article on transiting Saturn (grrr Saturn AGAIN, or should i say STILL) for my own information. So I can look back and know when this was. Transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct my natal Venus about two and a half weeks ago.

What has carried you to date in the world of your social and romantic relationships may no longer feel satisfying or worthwhile for you during this transit. It's time to assess your relationship needs, attitudes, and capabilities. You may be withdrawing yourself emotionally as you become more serious, critical, and concerned about a significant relationship in your life. You may begin to see serious flaws, and any superficial interactions may begin to bother you. You might temporarily have a hard time "going through the motions". Fears that you might get hurt could be self-fulfilling prophecies if you are not careful now. While you should definitely take some time to come to terms with what you are now seeing, you should also understand that in the initial stages of this transit your thinking is skewed towards the negative. You are losing the rose-coloured glasses and eventually you will be able to see your relationships in a most realistic light--you will see them for exactly what they are. However, the first stage of this process is rather severe and unforgiving, so take your time before making any major decisions.

Major insight. Thank you.

A weight has also lifted off my shoulders over the past few days. I am feeling sooo much lighter after unburdening my brain of all that  dross the other day. I really needed to get that out and am so glad I did. So it seems that progress is being made in an onward and upward motion, with plans finally starting to come together and opportunities arising that would have not been possible a few weeks ago. Thank the Goddess…. i am ever grateful for progress made with integrity and grace.


On a lighter note. I have had a very full and fun weekend. Had eldest’s 18th birthday dinner on Friday night - much fun and laughter. Plenty of champers getting splashed around too. A milestone reached in the life of my baby, so only two more years til she is in her twenties….. waiting waiting waiting.. lol

Also last night. Had another houseful. The girls from the area which i am currently living - friends I was quite close to when my daughters attended primary school in the area - several live within about a five minute walk from the house we are living in now. The decided that they were all coming over for a Singstar night last night. OMG, what a great night. My voice was a bit hoarse this morning, after all that singing, and all that laughing. And was a bit slow after all that drinking… my poor liver this weekend. Oh well, you are only young once, lol.

It is so wonderful to feel like I am living again. Even though some parts are really really hard. I am still glad I left. I am quite lonely, even with it seemingly like lots of people are coming and going. This past weekend has been out of the ordinary in that way. I have been working a lot, and that has seriously cut into my social life. Now K is working, and A is 18, I am not able to go out at night. I cannot commit to anything of an evening. Plus I cannot commit to anything during the day with working casually like I do. Sigh. Oh well. Eventually it will sort itself out. Just feeling a bit ‘out of the loop’ i guess. But when I read the above passage about my saturn/venus bizzo, I guess it was inevitable and is part of a grand ‘shake up’ in that area. Hmmmmm

Anyway, am tired now and going to bed.

Take care my friends, blessed be

Luv Jen


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