Monday, 9 August 2010


I find myself very disappointed in people today.

So many are blissfully ignorant of their effect on others. Especially those with giant egos that need constant stoking, and what amazes me most is that so many rush to constantly do the stroking. What the hell is that all about. People who just ride roughshod over everyone and everything that comes in their way. With just the thought of where the next boost of dragged out energy will come from. I would love to see some people live for a day without lavish praise. Like in the real world. Some praise is nice, definitely, but when it becomes overdone, I guess it is like an addictive drug that they cannot get enough of. Well I certainly can. I do what i can to keep my energy to myself and not contribute, but right now, at this time, there has been such an avalanche of prima donnas that I am overwhelmed and frustrated big time.  Couple with that, a long standing sacred oath  of over 40 years that was recently broken. Unapologetically. Sigh. Words cannot describe how hurt I am over that. I actually don't think i will ever get over it. Shhh, listen, what is that sound?? Oh, that is just my trust in you shattering all over the floor. Double sigh.

I am venting. I need to get this out because it is festering inside of me. I need to shout it to the world. BEND OVER IN FRONT OF THE MIRROR - ITS DARK UP THERE !!!!!

Sorry. I need to get this out.

I feel better now, and very tired. I am going to bed. Will try to post something along a more positive line soon. Will try, honest!!




Wendy said...

Sending *hugs* and *hugs* again and again, beautiful friend. I understand some of your pain and frustration and am always here for you x♥x

Lisa said...

honey, this sounds so sad. I hope you are okay xxx

Jen said...

Thank you Wendy, I appreciate your hugs and offer of assistance, a lot.

And Thank you too Lisa, I was very very sad yesterday. And very disillusioned. But venting about it helped - like a purging, and an amazing friend came around for a cuppa at 8.30 last night - just the trick. She was what I needed for sure.

I am ok now. Still have traces of sadness, and still frustrated at certain people. But am moving on. Thank you


Cyndy said...