Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Agggghhhhh the pressure!!!

Wow. I am faced with a very difficult task. Well I think it is difficult anyway. So I am going to try and explain it to you and in the process, i may be able to understand it and process it a bit better for myself.

Its no secret i am into Astrology. I have been following with interest, well more than interest actually, obsession is probably a better word! lol, the latest regarding the skies at this time of the evolution  of the planet. It seems that we are living through a very important time and the future may very well depend on us.

We are powerful beyond belief. We are the co-creators of our life. We are the co-creators of all life as we know it. I believe that this is true for any era or generation. But right now things are a bit more important. The feeling I am getting is that we are teetering upon the edge of a precipice. Time will tell which way we will go. Everyone everywhere is going through some kind of transformation. Stuff from before is being dredged up to be dealt with once and for all and left behind. Others are leaving all kind of relationships behind, if it doesn't fit anymore, then its time to move on. Like minded souls are gravitating towards each other. Honesty and integrity are finally more important than appearances and egos. The Cardinal Grand Cross is  stirring things up, forcing us to face up or ship out basically.

According to my own chart - right now is the time I have to determine the direction my life will be taking over the next decade or so and this is my dilemma. I have heeded my souls calling and left an unsatisfactory relationship, where I was not being honoured. This was in May this year that my physical being was able to break free, although my mental and emotional bodies were long since gone.  In these few months I have worked very hard to heal my entire being and to find out exactly who I am now. I was in that relationship for almost 27 years, being 18 when we first started living together. So my ENTIRE adult life has been spent in that relationship. So who am I. I am not a 17 year old child anymore, I am a 45 year old woman. I have gifts and talents and disabilities. I have opinions and knowledge and attitudes. I have freedom. I have the luxury now to find out exactly who I am and move on from there. I have certainly made inroads into this huge task, but am in no way even close to a quarter of the way through working it all out. If EVER???

What worries me now is that we are in the middle of this very important time in history, and in particular my own evolution, and I must make some choices on my direction by SEPTEMBER 12th!!! That's like THIS WEEKEND!!!! I am not worried about setting my bar too high. I know I can strive and achieve goals. My biggest worry is that I don't set it HIGH ENOUGH!!! You know, what if I aim to become a successful portrait photographer in my local community, and I could have set my eyes on the WORLD STAGE and ended up doing snaps of Brad and Ange’s brood in Hollywood!!! And I didnt know!!! So ended up here in Wallsend for the rest of my life being moderately happy and content when I could have been fabulously wealthy and rubbing shoulders with the rich of the world!!!!

So I guess that leaves me with the option of making open ended affirmations. Being really really careful to not use any limiting language at all over the next week or so. Visualising the highest forms of all areas that are of interest to me now, while also leaving room for new interests and growth.

So What do you think???

I am interested in your opinion




Wendy said...

Sounds very wonderful, Jen, and extremely exciting, too!

I am of the way of thinking that if you send out ambiguity then that's what you'll end up with but I think you're on the right track with considering how you will phrase things - that's always the best approach with manifestation and all magic working, yes?

I do, however, believe that this is happening for you exactly when it should both for what the effects will be over the next ten years as well as because you are actually ready to set those intentions now, even if you are still carrying your old habits of self doubt and not giving yourself permission to do things for yourself without having to worry about everyone else around you.

You know what to do, Jen, so make sure you give yourself time to do it. Reach as high as you want and revel in the power of being able to make your own choices and to create your own future. Love you!!!

Jen said...

Phrasing is all important Wendy, you are right. And for all kinds of manifestations, so I will work hard on setting non limiting intentions, but also, as you say, i have already started to move forward and just need a shove to get it all down.

Thank you so much for your well considered (as usual xoxo) answer.

Love you lots too