Saturday, 11 September 2010

Life Part 2

I had an interesting experience today….

I was walking around this house, being the usual Saturday morning domestic goddess, and the song Life by Sherbet (see previous post for the lyrics) was continually running through my head. I was absentmindedly singing it for about two hours when it occurred to me that the lyrics were a good description of what i am going through right now. So I went and got my iPod and listened to the song…. yes, very good, I listened again, ahhhhhhh reminiscing. Then, as i was in the Sherbet folder, it went to another Sherbet song and I got ‘You’re all Woman”. I thought, yes good choice - I most certainly am!!! Well then it got interesting. It suddenly played a song that we used to sing at The Ncle Spiritualist Church, Nat & Michelle will remember, “No Matter What” by Boyzone. This song has special meaning, and it also has a great spiritual message about remembering that the Goddess / God (whatever) will always be walking by your side. It got halfway through this song and then skipped back to Sherbet and played “Summer Love”… that was when I laughed and went back to my housework.

Now those of you with an iPod will recognise that once you select an artist to play, that is the only thing it plays. It was NOT on shuffle, it was on Sherbet. So there was definitely a higher hand pressing those buttons for sure. and the message it had for me was well received.

I will be using the song Life as the mantra for my next few months, and using it to boost myself up when I feel down. Thank you to whoever was sending that message, much appreciated.



Natalie said...

:D :D :D

Anonymous said...

What a nice thing to happen :) Would have made your day I reckon.