Sunday, 20 July 2008

Soul aspects - more thought....

I have been thinking still about the soul thing that we talked about at last weeks group. In particular, the astrology aspect, as you know i am into that.

I think we forgot to take into account free will. and how we assumed that we would complete the lessons of the sign we are born into in any lifetime. because, here i am - living proof - that we can struggle indefinately to live up to our sign. I have known that i have a mission to become more 'virgo' in this lifetime and have known it for more then a decade. yet still, would rather live 'in my head' - without really getting it. if i died tomorrow, i would have to do the virgo thing again, (i have blown it before, this i know) until i learn it and live it. so - on the subject of say, twins etc. and there only being one aspect of a soul in a sign at any one time, and completing the whole 'wheel' so to speak - i have come to the following conclusion.

I accept the 12 aspects of soul is real. one stays on high and the others are out there living in 3d. i accept that astrology plays a big part in this - and our chart is the blueprint of what we have to learn in this incarnation. that the 11 aspects are contributing to the whole. paying - creating karma. (hmmm - there is another thought - do aspects of the soul pay back or create karma that another aspect has to fulfill??) and because we have free will, and are having a human experience, we will not always 'get it'. In fact, i would guess that more often then not, we dont get it. So the experiences of each astrological sign would have to be experienced several times before being 'achieved' or 'passing'. Sooooo - twins - i believe that twins are aspects of the same soul undertaking a double lesson in the sign, possibly because the energy has either been blocked, misused or not learned during previous lifetimes.

Ok - thats it.

Wondering if we should have a short period of time on tuesday nights in order to share the conclusions (if any) that have arisen since the last weeks' discussion.

Just a thought

Still waiting for my computer - hopefully it will be ready tomorrow


Anonymous said...

wow, lots to think about there, Jen. I never considered astrology with the 12 aspects before. food for thought, definitely.

i think i need to come to this group! :)



Bee said...

hmm u all doing my head in,,,,

Lisa said...

we will most certainly be going over any stuff that has come up from alst week and I am glad that i am not the only one still pondering it- this is really interesting Jen- print it out and bring it with you

Anonymous said...

wow is all i can say at the moment...still digesting it all