Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Cards...

Sorry about that last post. I received that in a spam email and it totally broke me up. I couldnt stop laughing and thought I might share it with you, my friends.

And it made everyone question my sanity and/or drug use. Hilarious.

I have made some new SoulCollage cards and put them up on my other blog. Click here if you want to look.

School holidays.... ahhhh gotta love them.

Have been a bit busy trying to be a domestic goddess. Failing mostly but am trying... really i am. Well, I did clean out one of my two remaining clutter filled cupboard. One more to go - and all of my corners are junk free. YAY. Might even knock that one over tomorrow.

I have been having a real 'obsession' with birds. They are coming and visiting me - all kinds. This morning i sat and watched a flock of swallows zooming around having a ball in the wind. I once knew a lady who originally came from Russia. She told me that swallows are considered very lucky over there. If they nest at your home, you will be lucky with money while ever they stay.  Lately around here, aside from swallows we have had magpies, crows, ibis', hawks, parrots, cockatoos, galahs, booker birds, willy wagtails, finches - and i havent seen any of those horrible Indian Miner birds. The ones i miss the most are sparrows. I remember when i was a kid, there would be great flocks of sparrows wheeling around the sky. I would sit and watch them - hundreds of them at once. I hardly ever see them anymore. Let alone flocks of them. Where did all the sparrows go??? Feathers too have been finding their way to me. I have always been terrified of feathers. As a child we were told not to touch them because they are 'riddled with bird lice'. Funny how some things stick isnt it. Thats like washing my hands after I touch a dog. It was always drummed into me that I would get worms if i didnt wash my hands. To this day i still rush for the bathroom after i have touched a dog. I can feel it on my hands.

anyway - thats enough dribble.

Lotsa Luv



Helen said...

sparrows are still around but just not in the same nubers due to those damn minor birds!!!

Go to the Beach Hotel i'll see heaps

Cyndy said...

Ooooh, Jen: you're turning into "the Bird Lady"..... You'll have to get yourself a supermarket trolley and some oversized bags for your belongings soon. And as for the sparrows.... I think the Indan minahs or those evil little bellbirds ..... chased and/or ate them...poo... We have sparrows up here; They are so funny when they have a bath in the dust/dirt....