Friday, 18 July 2008

Exiled in exile

Oh dear

My worst nightmare has come true (well one of them anyway)

My best friend - my computer - is sick and at the doctors.

I dont know when i will get it back.

Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow - maybe monday at the latest.

Very sad

I miss my computer because all my friends live there.

sniff sniff

So - I guess i will have to become a domestic goddess instead. Clean up the floordrobe and wash some clothes.

Hopefully I will be able to come to Full Moon ritual tonight. Depends upon what time his lordship gets home.

thinking about my friends

Kathleens amazing abilites which obviously knows no limits
Lisa's mum
Diana's free word bank (yay) and moon cookies
why deb needs a new stick

journeys - that start with a single step

essences and how i have run out of mulla mulla

how to keep the kids locked in their cupboards amused for just three more days


thats enough dribble

might even go and make a card

luv me

1 comment:

Faerie said...

Life is pretty scary without a computer ... mine is showing signs of wanting the doc too!