Friday, 11 July 2008

Some info for you

The latest from Edgar J Winter

This weekend is a one of “when it feels tough… the tough get going”

The conjunction of the planets Mars and Saturn of "go" and "stop" can be frustrating if we lack focus and discipline. When energies are directed with purpose and patience, this is a time of construction. Solid foundations of healthy habits and organization build a stable base to support the loftiest ambitions. Irresponsible behaviour, though, is likely to be punished rapidly, so this is no time to bend the rules.

Mars and Saturn ganging up in Virgo can create tremendous stress as we try to get it all done in the shortest time possible – everything feels so urgent and critical. We may feel that we’re in an endurance marathon (funny that they are holding a big one now on this Coast) and, while these planets will give us the energy and focus to get on with it, there will be consequences if we don’t pace ourselves, factor in some down time and be a little easy on ourselves and others.

So take it easy and use this energy to stay focused, clear and practical. A deep acceptance of things as they are and breathing deeply into the diaphram will go a long way towards staying calm and open in situations that are out of our control. Walking in nature will also be a fantastic antidote to the stress and intensity of this conjunction.


Myst_72 said...

Explains a lot - or is this to come???
Not more stress this week....nooooooooo!!!


Helen said...

wow thanks Jen...make sense of some of the shit that's happen to me at present