Sunday, 23 December 2007

Oh shit... please read below, forewarned is forearmed!!

The latest from Edgar J Winter, i will have my mouth firmly zipped shut this xmas for sure...

Be very, very careful over your pre Xmas dinners and Luncheons!

Just a strong warning to all that this Xmas (and its starts right now) is a powerful one as the planets line up for the bun-fights-of-all-bun-fights! Or will it be puddings in faces or salads sloshed onto walls? When Saturn is in Virgo and retrograding old past resentments can be brought up around the festive table and being opposite Uranus in Pisces at this time there just may be a tear or two on the ‘Titanic” memories of the past Xmas or two.

The ‘stellium’ of 3 planets in Capricorn mixed with a generous serving of sarcastic Pluto in Sagittarius plus all this entire past grudge matches will be heightened by the full Moon in Cancer on 24th December just when Santa’s sleigh is leaving the South Pole!

The full-on angry Red planet of Mars, also retrograding to past grudges, is alongside this emotional full Moon ready for the family war-or-peace novel of all the ‘good-o`l-times!’ With the Moon and Mars together opposite Pluto someone’s feelings are going to be suppressed into physical martyrdom and others will strive to obtain power by supreme verbal or physical force over others.

Be very, very careful and listen to your intuition not dogma about your attendance at family functions! If you have to go then check for body guards and support teams, have excommunication notices ready (Pluto in Sagittarius!), and ‘ICE’ telephone numbers handy in your mobile phones!
‘ICE’ = In Case of Emergencies.

Have a nice day…smile.


Cyndy said...

Sounds like Christmas to me.....

Anchell said...

oh joy