Wednesday, 26 December 2007

I survived....

Well, here it is, 365 sleeps til the fat man in the red suit sings again, and i am still living to tell the tale.... here are the more interesting (to me) bits

  • My kids actually liked the presents that they found under the tree, were appreciative of them and none of them are broken yet.
  • My niece took EVERY cherry tomato out of the salad and piled them on her plate, along with a sliver of chicken, while her parents smiled indulgently and commented on how much she likes tomato!!! wtf - no one else got the chance to find out if they liked them or not!!
  • I went and climbed into bed exhausted at about 3.30pm yesterday, thinking i would have a nanna nap, and decided that if i did, i would be stuffed for the rest of the ordeal. I got back up and soldiered on, working through the eyelids dropping shut at the dinner table. So rude i know, but i couldnt help it.
  • I got a lovely gift pack from The Body Shop from my kid with a job, most excellent.
  • I can still flog people at table tennis.
  • I have a money spider crawling around my computer screen right now, cool.
  • I am overwhelmed, tired, relieved, over it.
  • I was sooooo thankful that i read my previous post information re the planetary positions before the day. It saved me more then once - i just nodded slowly and kept my big mouth shut and walked away. I would be dealing with lots of fall out now if i had honestly spoken my feelilngs.
  • Now it just remains to survive the rest of the holidays. As long as the freak of nature keeps taking her tablets we should be kinda ok. It is very noticable if she doesnt take them, not in a good way either.

Well, will go and watch a bit of mindless telly, then go to bed.

Lots of love to you

thanks for reading my dribble.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning on the astrology of christmas day - it turned out to be VERY accurate for us too.... It's a pity, but these things happen.

I'm glad you can find the little things to be grateful for amongst it all, Jen. That's what I'm trying to do too.

Glad you had a good one and a safe one.

Luv Jac xXx

Cyndy said...

glad you made it, Jen xoxo

Kristy-Lee said...

I love reading your dribble!

Jen said...

and i yours Kristy... most definately