Sunday, 23 December 2007

festy season ......

tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la, la la la la......... aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh dear, i was hoping to be 'into' christmas this year and alas, it hasnt happened.

i wish i could wake up and it was boxing day.

kids are awful. full of attitude and bad manners. they cant be in the same room together for more then a millisecond without tormenting each other.

god i wish i was mean enough to let them get up to no presents on spf morning, but that is just too mean even for me.

have spent entirely too much money on everything.

brad started a new job a fortnight ago, the pay is fortnightly so we will be living for three weeks on one weeks pay.... bad timing. Will be needing to make one dollar do the work of two for the next few weeks. Just what i need during the xmas holidays, no money, bored kids..... SHIT

and i havent wrapped a thing. shit

well thats enough 'bah humbug' for one day

in other news......

well, there isnt any other news really....

wish i could have come and had hot chocolate and cheesecake last night, but had another 'do' with a group of friends, had a good night anyway.

best wishes for the festy season

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Cyndy said...

Explain to them that you're even more broke than normal, they'll have to put up with it, and that's life! Give them jobs to do around the house and garden.. They're much more capable than we think, especially if we don't expect a perfect result... they'll soon make themselves scarce when they realise that you're serious.
None of us seem to "housetrain" our children anymore (me included!); kids need to learn that a toilet isn't self-cleaning.

Why would they ever leave home when they're being so well looked after......

BTW Jen, Merry Christmas!.... and I've spent all my money until Jan 8...... plurgh....