Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Well i promised to be human.

It seems i break my promises.

I have had a reeeely reeeeely shit day.

And hubby is crook so i cant go to YAAD.

Pooooooooooooooooooooo x 89435y8903216758903165879031

Men who are sick are so pathetic.

Lucky he is able to reach for the remote control of the telly.


kids....................... i wont go on.

i am LOVING sleeping in.

i am LOVING being dressed casually

i am LOVING being able to get some things done

last friday night, the CONCERT (notice captials) was good.

we made it on time, with time to spare actually, a new feeling for me

i was only a teensy bit stressed

we coped

the freak of nature came home with the trophy for her classical ballet class

both girls danced beautifully - was a proud mum

was especially blown away by my eldest. this was her first concert. she was nervous but didnt let it show. she is usually the biggest stress bag that ever lived.

speaking of that, she has been having heart palpatations. we (doc and i) think it is due to stress. she had a ECG that came back with no abnormality. does anyone know any other teenager type person who has heart palpatations. what about you nursey type people??


ah yes my new addiction, actually i have been addicted for a few weeks now.

on the subject of cheating........

i draw your attention to a certain post of a friend of ours - as follows

Playing -24
Completed 25
Won 23
Lost 2
Drawn 0
Best Bingo ALaRMING for 89 points.

now here is my score card

Playing -31
Completed 36
Won 21
Lost 15
Drawn 0
Best Bingo THIEVERY for 84 points.

now our friend has several times accused ME of cheating

i ask you

in what persons right mind would anyone say I AM CHEATING - i have barely won more then i have lost!!!

i think it may be the other way around hmmmmmmmmm the one with the near perfect score. considering i am the only one who has beaten her.......... hehehe

either that or she is sleeping with someone from scrabble


Anchell said...

You are a funny one...

this could be the end of a beautiful thing...

especially if you keep beating me!

Maybe sleeping with mysterious scrabulous character is whats making me so tired???

I am sooo tired....

Which is why you are beating me..

Not because I am cheating
but because I am better
ha ha

and very humble too

I dont think you cheat really...


I am going to cry loudly now

go play yout turns

36 games????

at once??


Rider-Waite said...

I know calcium deficiency can cause heart palpatations. I used to get them all the time and they thought it was because of my panic attacks. Turns out I was lacking calcium. I am allergic to milk so it made sense. Started taking calcium supps and have been fine.

Rider-Waite said...

I've been chundered on 5 times today..... Gross