Friday, 5 October 2007

The latest from Edgar J Winter.... interesting stuff

OCTOBER –. The month of October is universally a ONE month that contains the focus of the third transition as Jupiter squares Uranus to expand us beyond our previous situations and opens new doors according to our rights of passage. Mercury turns retrograde on October 12th in Scorpio and then returns to the social sign of Libra which impacts our use of power on others. Scorpio’s power is determined by the motives, intention, values and ethics. The impact upon others begins to be the focus during Mercury retrograde and will also prompt the ultimate connection between Jupiter and Pluto to hand off the power to those who have the vision and foresight to connect to the upcoming events. We begin to see our path in front of us as Jupiter continues to expand our journey into the next phase. Our life is emerging as our newly revised energies are ready to move into the ONE year of 2008. This revision is dictated by the inner status and connection with the spiritual blueprint that is set for this time for humanity.

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