Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Still here....

I am still here... without 'sepcosis' or whatever cyndy wonderered if i have... not sure what that is, sounds suspiciously like something you catch from dirty water or something.

Sorry i have been such a slackarse blogger. Back to work. YAY...... hmmmmmm

Only three weeks and two days to go. ruly, ruly YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Life has been pretty shit the last couple of weeks.. but i wont whinge, for fear of being accused of being a whinger. Hence the image at the top... trying to convince myself. For those viewers that attended my whingefest last night, all parties were still alive when i got home and apparently there had been no problems. hmmmmm
Well i dont think i have much to say, despite my prolonged absence.
Hmmm, let me think....
Am still trying to get to my games at scrabble. Damn work gets in the way of everything. Plus i have two websites to update and a book to still finish formatting for publishing. Too bloody busy... unfortunately some things fall by the wayside, blogging obviously being one of them.
Plenty happening in the home front, struggling to find a child psychologist or someone to assess my middle child, who can hopefully explain to me how her brain works. hmmm, maybe i should be looking to the skies for the answer to that, ET phone home....
My mother isnt talking to me either. I apparently lost a cardboard box that belonged to her. ONe of those sturdy 'cheesecake shop' kind of boxes for her pavlovas. last time it was seen was here. the cheesecake shop doesnt have them anymore. i have vivid memories of giving it back to her, and i have witnesses..... only the depth that varies.
On a brighter note, everyone is in bed here, and have been for half an hour. I have even, uncharacteristically, been watching a spot of telly. Ahhhhhhhh peace.
Tomorrow my boy goes on an excursion. this one has been postponed FIVE TIMES due to wet weather. The original date for this one was June 8th. Novocastrians will know this as the day the sky fell in and things floated away. NO trips to the airport for my boy. So tomorrow they go to the airport on the bus, back to stockton for a ferry ride , lunch on the foreshore then back to school by bus. A boys dream day. Could evryone PLEASE affirm for a nice day tomorrow. Or there will be 120 very disappointed children in Maryland.
trying very hard to make an interesting pist here..... scroll people... scroll
I had a very special delivery today. A fresh batch of Bush Flower Essences and corresponding cards. These essences are pretty new and i havent worked with them before. I am quite excited as i have long wanted to have them... and now i do!!! Have been thinking a bit about creating a Weebly website about them. Still thinking.... and will possibly add it to the list of jobs i have to do.... bloody hell. three weeks and two days.
well maybe 'interesting' was too strong a word...
Hmmm, might go to bed myself. Get an earlier night... although, will have people yelling at me about scrabble soon, i havent looked at that today...
Take care my friends
Thanks for worrying about my scoliosis cyndy


Cyndy said...

Sooooo glad you don't have sepcosisscoliosissepsis, Jen. Just missed you, that was all.

I did that school excursion when GG was in year 1 at Redhead PS. We took SB with us; to a four year old boy (as well as the 6 year old girl), it was just brilliant. We bussed it to Williamtown, ferry ride across the harbour, lunch, train ride to Adamstown, then bus back to school. Brilliant!

All will get better; Christmas will be here soon, and with it comes some more holidays!

Rider-Waite said...

It has been a shitty few weeks for everyone I think Jen. Time to let it go and move on...Has the medicine been helping with your daughter?