Thursday, 27 September 2007

one more

one more sleep.... oh the bittersweet irony. one more day of work. one more day. one more 5.45am alarm. one more.

am tired.

too tired to play scrabble

i have a headache and my mind wont think.

it is already on holidays.

lucky it.

tomorrow is a big day

the girls have their dance concert

i need to race home from work and hopefully they will be already dressed and made up.

i need to do the ballet buns and get them into the car within half an hour and go and drop egie off at a friends house.

then at least i get to go out for dinner between dropping them off and watching the spectacular


then i might go to sleep during intermisison

i really must stop complaining

it is not endearing i know

am just being engulfed in 'crap' and here seems the best place to spew it

ok, crap now spewed, time to get on with it.........

i promise - from the bottom of my heart to be human by saturday morning


Anchell said...

Bring on the sleep ins I say!

rainbowspirit said...


Rider-Waite said...

That would be SOOOO nice. A sleep in. What is a "sleep in"? Haven't had one of them for about 7 1/2 yrs now....

Cyndy said...

You get to have sleep-ins during school holidays?????

Looking forward to more crap spewing forth, Jen.... Please post some pictures of the concert... I don't get that excitement anymore....

Anchell said...

Thats enough sleep now...go play your turns.....grrrr xxxx

Cyndy said...

Sunday; had your sleep-in yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,
Enjoy any time off with great relish...who knows what is next.

Cyndy said...

Too busy scrabbling to blog, missus???????????????????????