Sunday, 2 September 2007

sunday 9.11pm

Hello..... Hello..... Hello..... Hello...... Hello....

Goodness me, it is very quiet in Blogland. No-one, is blogging. What is going on? do you all have lives or something?

I have had a good weekend. A couple of sleep ins, company of good friends. meeting new people. a LOT of eye candy - of the artistic variety. Tis all good.

Friday saw me finding out the end date of this stint of full time work i am doing, November 16. I will finish this term (four more weeks) then work the first five weeks of next term. Am happy with this. Tis do-able. probably would have preferred to finish at the end of this term, but, the monetary reward is attractive too. christmas will be a breeze this year. will make for a nice change.

Friday evening, i had red dots swimming before my eyes, and i only had ONE glass of champers. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the huge crowd, turnout of mary's, hob nobs, hobos, etc. not to mention the incredible talent of two people that i am honoured to call friends.
How many red dots now 'chelle???? come on, update is necessary. I ended the night hanging round like a shag on a rock, until i had to pick up a kid from bloody ice skating at 11pm.

Saturday was spent shopping, and cooking and some darling friends came over for a bbq tea and heaps of laughs. totally schmick. too late to bed though.

Today we had bacon and egg rolls for breakfast, cooked on the bbq - yummo, our traditional fathers day breakfast. lazed around til it was time for the freak-of-nature to head off for the inaugral performance of the bomber squad, the Jets cheer squad. We went to the game and had a great night - the kid danced her arse off, god she can move that kid, must get that off me!! (stop it, i can hear you sniggering) Jets had a 1 all draw. very cool.

that leaves just now. sitting here looking at shit on the net. writing about the boring stuff that is my life. if you are not already asleep, i will go now and stop sending you mad with boredom.

til next time

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