Monday, 24 September 2007

oh dear....

forgive me sisters, it has been 9 sleeps since i last blogged....

hee hee (am not catholic in case you were wondering)

had a pretty shitty afternoon really

you know one of those days when everything just turns to shit.

thats me......


thank the goddess that the most shittyest bit is over already, and everything is now at peace. (using positive thought here)

four more work days till the holidays

i cant believe i am saying this but I CANT WAIT

i am going to sleep and sleep and sleep

i am going to stay in my jarmies til lunchtime

i will be a sloth

no - not reallly

but i will take it real easy

and get some things done that are sadly neglected right now as we speak

might paint a sign that says -

my house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it...


a clean house is a sign of a wasted life

something like that

enough already

had a HUGE weekend

much too big really,

cept for saturday at the sisterhood day where i learned all types of things, not least what happens in unsuspecting church pews when no one is looking.

i found out that my life REALLY IS boring.

cept for the busy bits.

chell is flogging everyone in scrabble
although i have beaten her once
and just might again

well, if i didnt get so many crappy tiles that is (i know i know, no excuses)
my day will come, i know it.

facebook has me addicted, i have an aquarium and everything.

am going now to pick up the freak of nature from ballet

luv me


Kristy-Lee said...

I hope the day got better!

Cyndy said...

Well at least you know you can whip my very ample ass .... and I have all the crappy tiles, not you.

rainbowspirit said...

it did kristy... positive thought worked. and avoidance tactics.

Rider-Waite said...

We all have shitty days. And at least on blogger we can whinge and get sympathy. My hubby just ignores me if I whinge, or pretends the reception isn't working well on his phone. Rude man...

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen.....
Guess what...tomorrow wont be much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Work sucks...but it pays the bills
and bills suck even more....Lucky

Anchell said...

I had to scroll to read this...sooo impressed

Kathleen said...

Saturday was hilarious ... it was great to see you!