Saturday, 15 September 2007


hmmmm - facebook is addictive.

too many way too silly things to do there.

I started off just wanting to play scrabble.

I have about 8 games going with different people right now.

much fun for sure.

only two weeks of work to go of this term, i cant wait, i need to be me again, but then i wont really be me will i? i will be mum. not that being mum is bad, but i have an intense need to be me.

yesterday at work i got injured.... TWICE. once i was running for the phone after sticking a bandaid on some whinging kid and whacked the tip of my elbow on the door frame. OUCH. i hit it so hard i thought i had chipped the bone. damn kid with a new bandaid nearly cakked himself laughing. little shit. the other lady in the office offered me an icepack and said she would ring my mum if i wanted. would have been hilarious if i wasnt rolling around in pain.

then i was in the store room getting down a box from a high shelf and another box JUMPED off the shelf right onto my head. and i didnt see it coming. knocked my specs off and everything. and i said a swear word. you are not supposed to do that in schools. but it shocked the crap out of me.

poor me. i am going to ask for danger money.

my freak-of-nature is on her way home from the jets game, they won 1 - 0. yay, go jets. here she is in her costume. Shrinking violet is MissK.

she came home from the rehearsal at energy australia stadium today with a pocket full of grass that she pulled out of the centre of the ground for her brother, who is a mad Jets fan. He is absolutely stoked. Wouldnt it be wonderful to be ecstatic with such a simple thing as a few blades of grass.

Oh well, might go and play a bit more scrabble and go to bed.

Luv Jen


Anchell said... pisted a real pist!

Im so impressed..


Scrabble is come Im getting all the crap letters...have you rigged it?

Cyndy said...

Sooooo, that's a lovely backyard in the photo...yours?????

Rider-Waite said...

You reckon YOU got crap letters!!! I keep getting all the bad ones. I'm getting smashed. It is fun though. Watch out for Anchell, she spreading crabs....

He HE HA HA snort sniffle splutter.

rainbowspirit said...

thanks cyndy, thats the path to my front door....

its a bit feral at the moment, just like the kids

Anchell said...


rainbowspirit said...

I WAS AT YAAD - and stop yelling, you will make me cry...........


Cyndy said...

Goddess, how I wish I had a feral front yard like yours, Jen!!!

Rider-Waite said...

Stop being so bloody GOOD at it. I look like an illiterate 2 year old.

Lisa said...

this is a very funny pist morgs....the old woman bladder is not coping well with my laughter !

Lisa said...

btw- you are so beautiful !