Sunday, 25 April 2010

No life can escape being blown about by the winds of change and chance. And though you never know all the steps, you must learn to join the dance.....

Another rollercoaster week just gone. Big stuff. I went for a job interview last Tuesday - at our local neighbourhood centre - and administrative assistant, 3 days per week. I think i went “ok”. I don't know. It was a panel interview, and they did a lot of writing, and that is always good, but who knows who I was up against… am keeping positive about it though, I felt like it was my job - and still feel that - but am concerned now that they didn't call on Friday like they said they would. and they haven't called my referees. So that either means they haven't got around to it yet or i have been unsuccessful. I know panels can be hard to get back together to make choices, and as it is a government position, they may have to submit their choice to the department, just like they do in the Education Department. So am just waiting….. damn long weekend :)


Also, I was FINALLY able to look inside a house that I have had my name down to view since bloody January. It has finally become vacant, and a string of ‘coincidences’ led to me seeing the property on Thursday. they also said they would contact me regarding my application on Friday. And they didn't. So now I am waiting to hear from them too….. damn long weekend :)


I hate waiting… :)


Never mind, que sera sera.


Had a great day yesterday with some more Manifestation Boards. With three awesome sisters. Lots of creative genius, laughter, chit-chat and food had by all. We discovered the joy of Quince paste, cheese and sourdough - oh yeah, that's what it is all about. :)




Natalie said...

Wonderful! Glad you had fun :)xx♥

Cyndy said...

I like that: "GET HAPPY!"

As you say, Jen: que sera, que sera


Paula said...

NO replies yet however things strated moving. I do remember how devastated you were as no house was available to you and yours. Yet, waiting is very hard. It isnt common in Australia to make a follow up call? Here even when the prospective employer says he calls, it is appreciated if an future employee calls and shows interest and states how much he wants this job. However it might be different crossing on the other side of the world, down under :-))

Please keep us posted. I keep my fingers crossed and think of you. You are holding up just fantastic

janis said...

You are in my prayers about the job... I so understand. I will need to start looking soon too as this temp posistion is going to end soon I fear :(

deborah hoddle said...

hmm quince paste

Paula said...

Passing by and showing some love. Hope you are doing great! Did I tell you that I love your manifestation boards.

deborah hoddle said...