Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I can do this

Ok, I have just been reminded AGAIN about the power of positive self talk.

My life has been really really miserable lately - and this is affecting so many areas, including my kids, who are picking up on it and it is upsetting them too. In my most down and desperate moments I often think, “I cant do this anymore”. Meaning i am soooo sick of putting up with the misery of having to cohabitate with one whose energy is so discordant with mine, it feels like fingernails down the blackboard. Misery. Sadness. Helplessness. Hopelessness. These and more have filled my weaker moments. And I am having more and more weak moments.

So….. this brings me back to my post title.

I CAN do this. I CAN plan and wait until the right place comes along to remove myself and my children to. It has been this long now, I can wait a little longer. I can do all I can to try and organise myself to get ready to move us out. I can start packing and planning.

I can learn from all of this. I can learn and move forward.


I can.

I know I can.


Thank you for listening.



P.S. - G, I am sorry, I recieved your message, I just forgot to go in and publish it. Thank you and am sorry xoxo


Myst_72 said...

That's quite ok Jen, just thought maybe it disappeared, I didn't want you to think I hadn't commented.

I can relate to SO much of what you ahve written about recently, scarily so.
I try and tell myself that I am independant and all that jazz, when really, sometimes I need to not do everything alone. I am working on this!

I believe you absolutely CAN do it, look at what you have achieved in your life so far.
Maybe these final delays are just to be sure this is really, truly what you want?
Even though you know it is, perhaps it's time for allowing the possibility for change (from others), which hasn't happened.


Cyndy said...

YOU are right Jen. You CAN do this. And you will wait and plan and prepare because the RIGHT things take a while to happen.

Love you. I will wait for the right time for us to have a latte... make mine soy chai please.


Paula said...

Yes, you can. Certain things seem to be lost however they are still deep inside us. You are loved, you are loveable, you are loving :-))))