Thursday, 30 July 2009


where has the time gone

I cant believe how quickly time is passing right now.

I have not got any news really. I am working every day, actually am relieving two people instead of one.. lucky I have some kind of multiple personality disorder. I am buzzing around all day, getting all the important things done, leaving the things that can wait.. geeze this week is going to mean a hell of a lot of catch up for someone.. maybe me, who knows. Lucky I love it. But, ooohhh my feet. I stood up almost all day today on hard floors, my feet are aching like buggery. Oh well, should be able to sit on my butt most of tomorrow.

Like I said, I have no news. My life is pretty boring at the moment - doesnt make for an interesting blog.

I have not even had any interesting insights to share. Nope, got nothing. Oh, I have been having VERY vivid dreams. Those kind that stay with you and continue after you wake up. I love those ones. Some of it has actually been prophetic. Some just confusing. Oh well, we will see.

Anyway, going to bed now.

Take care peoples.


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(¸.·´Lotsa luv from


Lisa said...

i am glad life is boring at the moment- makes me feel less guilty about leaving you with imbolc

Wendy said...

Yep, doing the vivid dream thing too for the last few nights (except last night as I don't think I was asleep long enough) but most of mine have been quite disturbing :-( Hope yours have been much nicer :-)