Sunday, 14 September 2008

Times, they are a'changin'......

So much going on. So many changes.

Life has had me in a whirlwind lately and I dont actually know which way is up yet.

So.... in keeping with current trends, I decided to give the blog an overhaul too. A big change of colours too - not like me at all.

Discovered a blog following gadget thingy while at the dashboard this morning, actually i noticed it when i saw that my blog had a follower!! what the?? must investigate thinks me. Well, i have added lots of blogs and the thingy that goes in the side bar too - very schmick. Thanks Steph for putting me onto this - HOWEVER - I cant add your blog Steph. It says something about no feeder for your blog or something. I dont understand - maybe you could check your blog settings or something to see if you have disallowed feeds....?? Just a thought - dont mean to be bossy.

Lots of personal changes too -

one major one - I no longer smoke. I took those Champix tablets. They work really well. I havent had a fag for 5 days and it is really 8 days since i had more then a couple of puffs. Disgusting things those ciggers. I have found it very easy - and except for the awful nausea sometimes after i take them - especially if i havent had something substantial to eat immediately before swallowing the tablet.

things have settled down at home enormously too - husband seems to have gone through an epiphany or something. very strange. still processing this one. suffice to say that things are relatively peaceful around here.

I have been having some very strange and vivid dreams lately as Thursdays girls will attest - there has been more. May have something to do with the champix - i dont know. Whatever triggered them - i have been getting some incredible messages and often get up with my head reeling from all the information i have to try and process.

I havent blogged for a while eh. I have actually opened the 'create post' page several times. I just cant think of anything to say - well, sometimes i have too much to say and dont know how to say it. Maybe i wore myself out with the 43 things thing. Even though I dont often post - I read every day and lots has been going on with everyone I notice. It certainly has been a tough couple of weeks for lots of people - it is good to know that we are not alone i guess.

So... big hugs to everyone.

Must go and actually DO something instead of sitting here on this computer.



Cyndy said...

Ho Jen! I LOVE the cupckae song! I nearly cacked myself!

Certainly good to hear from you. And I think that Champix are known to produce really startling dreams in some folk. I'm sure that my bro-in-law was taking them for a while, but couldn't cope with the dreams. I wish GG would stop now, but she professes to like cigarettes too much. She now smokes rollies as she can't afford the other, and her fingers are turning yellow...... oh well.

You go girl!


Myst_72 said...

Hey Jen,

Nice to see you posting again!

The champix sounds interesting, if I ever decide to give up I'd give them a go.
Just not ready yet.


Lisa said...

booftul new blog for a booftul new non smoky girk !

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone getting these new blog thingys from?
as usual I am he mushroom of the group and no one shares information with me!!!!w.w.

Faerie said...

Wow Jen, I really love your cool new page!

I am really happy about the champix working for you too - and you have inspired Mark to investigate them as well ... do you need to go to the doctor to get them?


Áine said...

Hi Jen,

I'm glad to be your follower! I think that I've fixed up my blog so that people can follow me too now, I hope.

Good on you for trying to quit smoking!

I know what you mean about not knowing what to write about... I'm in the same boat. My life is just the same every day these days...


Steph xx

Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous, congrats on the non-smoking! Champix is brilliant - I love it. It made quitting a hundred times easier for me. And yes, I have to report I have been having VERY vivid and strange dreams too - but they are meaningful also. They still come from our subconscious, just amplified by the drug, I suppose. I can relate to the nausea, but it's worth it. :)