Saturday, 30 August 2008


Saturday night

Just me sitting here clicking keys


Had a picnic today at Bluegum Hills park, where Deb was trying to organise us to go to. Egans soccer team picnic day. Its nice out there - kids loved it too.

Hmmm - I just caught the cat humping egans teddy - gross. He was desexed when he was 6 months old (he is three and a half now) - what is the humping story. He humps my dressing gown too if i leave it on the bed. Sad strange little man. Thought desexing was supposed to curb those urges.

just checking in

going to read my book now

luv me


Faerie said...

Have you made you Seed Intention SoulCollage Card?

heheehe ... I have!


Jewell said...

love to youXXX

Hippy Witch said...

It is now the 11.9.08 JEN, Im waiting for your next blog. Where are you