Wednesday, 27 August 2008

43 today....

Happy birthday to me.... pip pip


had a nice morning, I got a nice big brass ohm, a little jingly bag, some soap and beautiful incense - my new favourite!! I have also had lots of text messages and emails. Spoiled am I.

seeing this is all about me, I will try and do 43 things about me that you may not have already known...

  1. I am the eldest child of my fathers second marriage - I have one younger brother and two older half brothers.
  2. My father died 23 years ago and I have missed him ever since.
  3. I am already struggling to do this list.
  4. I dont like talking about myself.
  5. I like my coffee really really weak.
  6. My cat bit me on the chin last night - ouch.
  7. I have a rare blood disorder which is in remission. It is called Megacaryocyte Meglamatosis. (or something like that anyway)
  8. I love playing Word Twist and Text Twirl on Facebook. Addictive. Yes.
  9. Today I am entering a Personal Year 9, which is the last of the cycle.
  10. I desperately want to find a way to work from home.
  11. I have one tattoo and really want to get another. I want an anklet. I dont know what though. Maybe some text - a meaningful sentence possibly. In script that is joined. Hmmmm good idea that. Will ponder more.
  12. I am completely and utterly disorganised in my personal life. This causes no end of stress within myself and my family. I want to do something about it but I dont know where to begin. So, typically, I do nothing. I just live in my head. This isnt good and is holding me back. I need a personal organiser - anyone want to volunteer???
  13. I was once a wedding photographer and hated it.
  14. I also once worked in a factory.
  15. I used to own a little blue cattle dog called Jess. She died of complications arising from a Caesarian Section to deliver puppies that were too big for her to deliver. It was an infection that suddenly flared up just after the puppies were weaned. I loved that little dog.
  16. I once met the Queen and Prince Phillip.
  17. I used to be able to beat almost anyone at Pool. Except for my friend Kaz. Together we were a formidable team and used to beat lots of guys at lots of different pubs. They hated that. Hee hee.
  18. My eldest daughter was born the exact same weight as I was when I was born. I was also the same age, to the day, when I had her that my mother was when she had me. Freaky. 
  19. When I was about 7, I was in the elevator at the Town Hall with my family and the newly crowned Mattara Princess. She took off her tiara and let me wear it for a minute.
  20. I am up to 20 and it is going ok. I usually have lots of trouble with these things.
  21. Now i have jinxed myslef and my mind has gone blank.
  22. I never had a nickname when I was growing up and really wanted one.
  23. My favourite colour is purple and my lounge room feature walls are a colour called Purple Haven. It is quite deep and i love it a lot.
  24. I havent cooked a whole chicken since 1986 when i managed to get it out of the bag onto the sink before i threw up. I had to get my mum to come and put it in the oven for me. I couldnt eat it once it was cooked. I kept remembering the corpse on the sink. Brad was happy - he had a whole chook to himself.
  25. I had two dreams in a row last night about someone breaking into my house. I belted them over the head both times - the first with a baseball bat and the second with a side table. What is that all about. Message to everyone - dont break into my house in the middle of the night or you might not get back up.
  26. I LOVE the smell of mangoes, divine,  but i dont really enjoy the taste. Weird.
  27. I need to buy some more of my new incense - it is truly amazing. It is Moondance brand - Tibetan Spice flavour. Yummo. Must find out where he got that from.
  28. I have an obsession with stationary. I manage to resist most times but often spend time loitering around the racks wishing.
  29. My younger brother is going to Danny Buderus's lunch today instead of coming to lunch with me. Noice. He could have brought Danny with him to Maryland Tavern!! 
  30. I am NOT a morning person and have to get up 45 minutes before i have to on days that i work so i can wake up and get moving. Sad.
  31. I stay up too late at night which adds to my morning dilemma. I just love the quiet house at night, with just the clicking of the keyboard keys to keep me company.
  32. Woo hoo - 32.
  33. Everytime i type a post, as i am doing now, i notice the 'Labels for this post:" button below and think of people falling off scooters while on holidays.
  34. Ten to go.
  35. I would love to go back to school as i love to learn.
  36. I have the Goddess Dana as one of my guides - she is an Irish Goddess and she according to Doreen Virtue she helps with abundance, divine magick, healing, children and mothering, the elemental kingdom and self esteem issues. She has a great sense of humour and teases me sometimes.
  37. I am eagerly anticipating learning about Tarot.
  38. I need to trust myself more.
  39. Starting to struggle now. Only six to go.
  40. I had the most awesome 40th birthday party. It was the best party i have ever been to. Certainly the best i have ever had. Good memories that make me smile when i think of them. Friends, laughter, good food, only slightly too much alcohol. Excellent.
  41. My whole family rips me off about my daggy glasses. Especially my brothers wife. She thinks i am a massive dag. Tough. I would love to be brave enough to wear those really trendy ones but i dont think they would suit me. I am a bit too boho for that
  42. I havent had my hair cut for 12 months. It shows. Slackarse me. Remember what i said about personal disorganisation. There is just never time.
  43. If i dont surround myself with people of like mind and deliberately work hard to grow spiritually, then i quickly slip back into being human again. I dont even realise it at the time either. One day i just wake up and think..... "oh - back to square one, very sad". It is at this point that I find myself a group to attend. That is how i found the cottage. Thanks Michelle. And thank you to everyone who has touched my life. That is everyone. I cant imagine my life without you all and am filled with gratitude to have such amazing sisters and friends. Truly blessed am I.
I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day everyone !!



Faerie said...

"Happy Birthday" ... have a wonderful and magnificent day ...

I facebooked you lots of gifts to make you smile :-)

Anchell said...

Everytime i type a post, as i am doing now, i notice the 'Labels for this post:" button below and think of people falling off scooters while on holidays.


I think you are entering menopause and getting alzheimers too!

Ummmm, you ARE human and humans are spiritual whether they like it or not...some of them just dont know it is all....

Except for me

I am the living head and as such am exempt from all of the above!

I wish...

Jen said...

start a new pist chelle and have a look.

thank you faerie, will retrieve them post haste

Cyndy said...


The labels? I look at them and wonder "what am I supposed to do with that??"

You are gorgeous, interesting, and Fun, Jen... your hair and glasses don't need to change...seriously.

Can't wait for your 50th birthday!

I remember my 43rd.... I think....

Anchell said...


The Tall Red Head said...

FUCK OFF!!! My ex Brother-In-Law has that friggen rare blood disorder. He isn't in remission though. He is quite sick. It is great that you are well though. It isn't a nice thing to have.

And Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day today.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday YOU OLD FART.......there is nowhere to go from here you's a down hill slide into grumpy old woman syndrome!!!w.w

Kristy said...

A bloggerversary and a birthday in such a short time?

Excellent pist!

Myst_72 said...

A belated very Happy Birthday to you Jen


Hippy Witch said...

Happy Birthday Jen. My son became a police officer on your BD. Sorry I missed it. I will remember next year, because as one of your sisters, I am here to stay, that is my gift to you.

you are special, stay being you