Thursday, 7 August 2008

Exile survived...

We had a  wonderful 'reunion' today.

Lots of deep and meaningful conversation.

Lots to learn - seeds to plant and watch grow and an amazing new folder decorated by Deb to be envious of. You KNOW we are all copying that, dont you Deb???

It has been a rollercoaster couple of weeks. Mostly dominated by the Sweet 16th of eldest daughter next monday. (did i say SWEET???)

I have been shopping until i have been dropping. This has been quite fun actually - with a serious change in attitude after i read the riot act before we left. Much more respectful - this is good. I now only have to sew up the sleep suit that she has been begging for over the past couple of months. You know - all in ones with feet and a zipper up the front - polar fleece. I am only stumped as to where to purchase the gripper fabric for the soles of the feet. Might have to use suede. Bloody teenagers !!!

Middle child syndrome is representing the school tomorrow in a touch football gala day. Very excited, although the occasion called for a new pair of footy boots. Do you know how hard it is to find footy boots at the end of footy season. Trust me, it is very hard. She is also heading to Narromine in a couple of weeks for THREE DAYS representing the school at sports. Wow. Three days of peace (well, relative anyway). Most excellent.

Enough about them.

My attention has been drawn lately a few times regarding 'Truth'.

Most specifically when someone tells me something and i just take it on face value - and later find out that the person has taken 'liberties' with the truth.

I am not generally a naive person. But i am not suspicious either. If someone tells me something in earnest i believe them.

I want to know how I can be more on my guard so i am not getting taken for a ride. This is happening often enough so to annoy me.

I DONT WANT to be suspecting or questioning everything people say to me. And once i have been alerted to an individuals propensity to lie, i am more watchful - but it is the initial time.

WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO LIE. Why cant they just tell the truth. Especially for silly little things. I dont get it.

When someone is just 'high noting themselves', or trying to make themselves look good. Thats annoying too. I dont recongise those ones till its too late. Then i feel silly. Then i feel annoyed that they have made me feel silly.

Its a cruel cruel world.

Going now to search for my seed on google.

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