Monday, 29 September 2008

connie confused

Well - here I go again.

Connie Confused.

Thats me.

I have resisted blogging about this for a while now - thinking that I am a truly defective human bean. Which i probably am, but...still...

I just read the new Energy Alert from Karen Bishop - here it is if you havent read it and would like to LINK


It seems that what we need to deal with now is being MAGNIFIED. for us to deal with. My that explains a lot.

I have been having strange feelings and sensations and thoughts - around others and this has to do with integrity and honesty and respect - mostly.

It also has to do with self esteem, self worth, self value.

It is all that and more - the unexplainable - all rolled into one very confusing big bundle of tangled strings that is incredibly hard to decipher, let alone untangle, let alone explain.

and it is happening more and more often - with more and more intensity

I am confused.

I am hurt.

I am trying to understand.

I am kinda getting it, but just when it seems that my monkey mind has grasped what is required of me, it seems like it is ripped away again.



am rambling

am down, sad, sigh

I really need to figure this out - and fast. Before I unintentionally offend ABSOLUTELY everybody in my life. I am becoming paranoid. And considering locking myself inside my house til i figure this out.

Sorry again.

Dont worry about trying to decipher this.

Just pat me on the head and say 'there there'. that will do.

might go and do my cards

where is Freya when you  need her




Jewell said...

hmm well i'm confused too but mine is due to being preggers

love to you xxx

Anchell said...

Giggling behind a tree somewhere no doubt....

Monkey minds dont help right now, trust me, valium does but!!

Faerie said...

... and Mark has a big box of 'em ... could I sneak you a few?

Totally get it Jen, the world is changing inside and out ... a wild ride to be sure!

Anonymous said...

My darling Jen ... I wish I was as good as you think I am ..You are fine and lovely I am having the same sort if stuff going on ,and as for Giggling behind a tree I wish I was.You are very special to me ..... Vicki x

Lisa said...

everyone sounds like you do jen, including me.
everything is upside down- i have been crying like a baby and have zero tolerance for bullshit- i feel alien to me and nothing helps right now- OCTOBER will be better xx

Hippy Witch said...

there......there!! pat,pat
I love you

Jen said...

well I hope you are right Lisa, it is October tomorrow....