Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Breathing again...

Am ok

breathing again

oh wow i had an incredibly awful rush of anger last night. you might have noticed.

and no lisa, the epiphany is still in progress - settled down a little, but still happening.

it was just everyone else that was pissing me off.

a certain sibling, shall we call the super salesman, chose this week to display some of his less savoury attributes. sneaky, childish dickhead.

then dickhead arseholes that have been stuffing around with my daughters head for eighteen months come in and go for another round - in the process making me want to go and smother them with a pillow (again) but I wont. because i know that it is not spiritual. is it. f&^%wit. and if i smothered it, I would go to jail. where is the justice in that.

i worked myself up into such a rage, i actually tipped the bottle of emergency essence into my throat and swallowed about a quarter of a bottle. i was in a state.

after that i just lay down and went to sleep. gotta love EE.

I woke up fine

dunno if it has to do with the lack of nicotine rampaging through my body.

its been more then a week now - still going strong.

I had lunch with my two oldest friends on monday - i was a bit worried about it - but they sat there puffing away and i didnt even feel a twinge of wanting one. yuck. stinks.

so the anti smoking campaign is going well. most excellent in fact.

now i must go and do my seed for the morning.

luv ya


Anonymous said...

of have given away your life saving crutches and you will feel shit for a while until you adjust to not having them...but yu must be congratulated on being so brave as to do so.....I rather have you shitted off but alive, than chilled out and full of cancer or emphysyma ( how do you spell that????)w.w.

Jewell said...

if your on those tablets they can make you angry it's one of the side effects, like also giving you depression.
Good to hear you're breathing again, as that shade of blue did would not have looked good on you LOL