Monday, 2 June 2008

It goes on....

We went to the doctors today and it is all good.

He was horrified when i told him about the knobhead counsellor. He had a little talk to her and was able to suggest some things to her that were taken well. We had the stitches removed and although horrendous, looks fine and clean.

He agreed that the pill would be a really good place to start, considering her suffering very heavy, lots of pain, the acne and massive mood swings - he even went into his magic cupboard and gave us four months supply. I love him.

So we are all positive and have some tools and hormones - schweet.

Hopefully this one agrees with her - am choosing to believe that we are following the right path here. He gave us the web address of Mood Gym - which is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - will check this out myself - it is . Tools. Tools are good.

Thanks for your support, and though we have a long way to go, i feel we can do it!!

Luv jen


Myst_72 said... to a great start...your GP sounds teriffic!


Myst_72 said...

This site looks great btw!


Faerie said...

Blessed Be!

Anonymous said...

Its a bonus that your baby wants to find some answers too...all will be well..hand in there.w.w.

Jen said...

Thanks G!!!

Yes, all is good - thank you everyone for you support - am feeling calmer by the minute. My GP is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen.
Hope Airlie is feeling better soon, my little precious 16 year old took to the cutting thing last year and still wears the scars. It was a horrible time but we got through it, as you will to. We drink lots of herbal tea's now and I swear by them.
lots of love ileen.

Cyndy said...

Well done to all of you!

It's a good start; the fact that Airlie is open to suggestions is great (at least that's what GG tells me, and she would know)

Love to you ;0)