Sunday, 15 June 2008

what have i started...

I have really started something with my rant the other night. I am sorry if i upset anyone but i was feeling quite violated by someone who knows me from my 'mundane' life and used the information that they found here and gossiped about me. I fully understood the risk of writing what i did and before i hit [publish] i hesitated for a little while. I just hoped all would be well. Well, it wasnt. And i will never publish sensitive information again, particularly when it involves my family.

I agree with everything everyone has said on this subject. It was my fault for putting it out there and I should have been more careful. I like what Faerie said - and want to try to use my blog for more inspiring of myself and others. When i think about it - i only really use this blog to rant and rave. what good for mankind is that. hmmmmm

Might go away and ponder this for a while.

And come back with something that i hope everyone looks at, regardless which of my selves they know. (and only a little bit of ranting)



Anonymous said...

I know...I always think twice, and then think again before I blog anything....but in the end...we live in a country that allows free speech god damn it and it is our right to do there.....w.w.

Myst_72 said...

Hey Jen,

I reckon you wrote exactly what you thought and felt at the time - and that's the main thing.
Everyone blogs for different reasons, it can sound like a rant when you read it back to yourself, but if it's what's happening and how you feel there's nothing wrong with that!


Lisa said...

you started something that needed to be started- every so often we all need to look at why we blog and how it affects us in the real world........
dont change morgs xx

Bee said...

just saying hello,shit they probably should have locked me up long ago for some of the shit i have said on my blog,,,,,,,

Faerie said...

I have had the odd rant too ... believe it or not (ripleys style)

I agree ... don't change WHO you are ; )


Cyndy said...

Their shit, not your's Jen. And I thought that's what a blog was for.... it's a support system. ;0)