Monday, 11 June 2007

Some schools closed...

The link above to all the schools that are closed tomorrow, if you are interested.

I admit to a happy jig when i saw my young blokes school is not closed. The girls will be home though. That little man is seriously bored and freaked out by the whole thing and is driving me MAJORLY NUTSO!!!!

Going to Sister in law's for tea, might be able to blog later when we get home.

Thank you to EVERYONE for your offers of assistance. We are ok, really. Starting to like the paint splattered concrete floors almost....... almost. Lol, it really does look better then that damn carpet.

Taa Taa for now


Anchell said...

Both my kids schools are off...POOOOOOOOOOOO......xxxx

Kristy-Lee said...

OK then, well, congratulations on the new carpet!!!

rainbowspirit said...

gee thanks, and will consider your typed lists tomorrow when i have to make some for the insurance company. will let you know.


Lisa said...

thanks for posting that Jen- it seems my SOM goes to the right callagahan college after all ! he is going to school !

rainbowspirit said...

damn i wish mine were.... thats ok, at least psycho child is going. thank god for small mercies.