Sunday, 17 June 2007

Boo...... Did i scare you???

I am here already..... nice to know someone misses me.

enough prevaricating for one week.

The 'new post' page has been opened by me several times over the last few days and no words have spilled forth into the big white empty box on the screen. Sometimes i have had just too much to say and didn't know where to start so i got up and wandered off, only to have my place usurped by some kid whose computer was last seen floating down the cycleway. Other times i would sit down with a mind as blank as the blank box on the screen. Then I wander off, same kid, same result.

Hmmmmm, so here i am at last.

Rambling incoherently about nothing.

Insurance update - we had the electrical testing guy come around yesterday. Waiting from word from insurer as to what happens next.... an assessor of our furniture and other non-electrical damaged goods is still to grace us with his (or her) presence. Some areas of this house are getting decidedly pongie. Hmmmm . The carpet guys are coming to measure up on Tuesday. Had a thought to write some profound words of wisdom onto the paint splattered concrete before the carpet is laid. Maybe even some jokes - left for posterity. lol

Have had a pretty lazy weekend all in all. No soccer yesterday. Little shopping, not much, enough to get by. Bit of tidying around the joint. Not enough to strain a muscle though. I have however spent a fair bit of time in my comfy recliner chair reading my latest book by Sharon Shinn. I just finished it actually and am looking forward to tomorrow to go to the library and get the next two books. Hmmm, these are the last two in the series. Then i dont know what i will read. Aaaggghhh - i hate being between books.

Tomorrow is Arty Farty class. YAY. High point of the week. Cant wait!!

I also must make mention of the awesome night last Friday night. I am now a witch in training. I was blown away by the ceremony, which was very special. Thanks again to Lisa and Renata for the effort that was obviously put into preparations for the evening. The rain on the roof was freaking me out just a little bit. I know how quickly Minmi Road floods and i was a tad stressed that i would not be able to get home.... but all was well. only a couple of inches across the road, phew.

I am rambling on a fair bit so i think it is time to put you out of your misery, that is if you are still slogging on this far through the pist, and say - fare thee well!!!

may angels light your path


Cyndy said...

Hooray; it's Jen!

So pleased that you are back. Who'd be in insurance at the moment? I have a friend who works at the NRMA, and she's exhausted.

How are your skirting boards and walls, Jen? If they're finger-jointed pine, oe MDF, then they could have been badly damaged by the water. GG's are stuffed, but it's not worth replacing them. The same goes for your walls if they're gyprock. If they have become saturated, then the paper and gyprock dust that the paper encases, which will have turned to mush, are not up to the job anymore.

If any of this needs repair or replacent, don't think that it may be ok to be done later. It would be a lot less painful in the long run to have things fixed up's all so overwhelming, isn't it. I remember what it was like after the earthquake.

Congrats on on your new status as a W.I.T, Jen!!

That's Witch In Training.....

Happy reading ;0)

Anchell said...

Much more ramble very well jen.

Lisa said...

its about time you gorgeous thing- I can imagine the house is a bit on the nose .woofy.......great pist by the way