Sunday, 3 June 2007


slackarse blogger am i

it has been three days since i last blogged.... how many hail the goddessess should i do for that 'chelle??

it has been a pretty shitty weekend. overall, i have been hauled through the coals and back again a few times.

i want to know who thought i would be strong enough to deal with my life. i am fading fast somedays.

have had an endless stream of visitors today, FINALLY they have all departed for their respective homes. burnout beckons.

I am desperately awaiting tomorrow morning so i can find out what 'chelle is going to do to me - she has been quite aggro lately - sorry 'chelle, if i am down, i find i just cannot blog, i look, i just cannot write. Am ok now - deep and thoughtful, but ok.

I missed the Year and a Day evening tonight due to drop ins that ended up staying. (i hate drop ins, but what can you do?... sorry but piss off, i want to go out).

cant wait for art tomorrow (you cant scare me 'chellle). It is the high point of my week.

speaking of my week, hubby is home this week (joy) to finish replacing the ceiling and decorating our 'triangle room'. This is the second last room we have to do in this house (its only been four years, you cant rush these things). This room is essentially the kids room, with the playstation, telly, futon and games cupboard in it. we are yet to argue over colours for this room, i am sure this heated argument will happen within the next 24 - 48 hours or so. cant wait for this... not.

action man is feral due to medication he is taking for his asthma and sinus infection.

freak of nature is feral due to her 'rich task' that she has had for 6 weeks and not looked at, which is due in two and a half weeks. has decided that she wont do it and 'fail year 7'. typical drama queen.

eldest is just 14 going on 15. speaks for itself eh.

i crave harmony.

i crave love.

i crave peace.

will see some of you at arty farty tomorrow.

going to read my book (Archangel by Sharon Shinn - highly recommended) before retiring.

love to you



~*Rylah*~ said...

In truth Jen, it was YOU who decided you were strong enough to deal with this life - because you CHOSE it! Hard to fathom sometimes, but there is a ryhme and reason to it all. Hang in there, I'm thinking of you...

Jacqui xXx

rainbowspirit said...

yeah i know jac... although i must have been drugged or something!!

struggling yes, moving ahead, i think so, dolly step by dolly step. as usual.

Cyndy said...

Hi Jen.

As a serial dropper-inner-er, I quite expect to hear "great of you to think of me, but I have plans...."

It's ok, really. It's a risk that one takes in the heady, spur of the moment

kids NEVER want you to get too comfortable, do they?????

and I certainly get you you in regard to the non-blog thing. I quite often think that it's time to step back for a while.....

peace, harmony,love...yeah.. and some chocolate, and some Baileys.... <3

Anchell said...


Tesah said...

Just popping in to say hi. "Hi!"

Anchell said...

...see title for my comment!