Wednesday, 30 May 2007

dont know if im gun-oo keep it yet

hmmm - what do you think of the picture as header... too washed out??

changed the colours too. time for a change.

lots of things i have planned for the near future....

  • gun-oo get thin
  • gun-oo move more
  • gun-oo blog more
  • gun-oo have coffee with my friends tomorrow
  • gun-oo go to the fruit and vege market on friday
  • gun-oo try to save my family from falling into any nearby abyss'
  • gun-oo clean this extremely messy house, not gun-oo let it get in the way of coffee or socialising though...
  • gun-oo try to see what to do next on my arty farty painting... what IS that next layer?
  • gun-oo stop saying gun-oo.....

sorry.... very silly i know..... (mission accomplished shrinkies!!)

had a nice day today, lovely little upward spike on the graph of hell. the other mary's did amazingly well today.... WHERE WERE YOU DEB??? we missed you.

one good point was that i managed to achieve 100% of the goals that i set last week... hmm, being silly again.... i left that part of the page blank. Oh dear.

yesterday was a day of regrouping. more sorting and sifting. more contemplating. some decisions were reached. some issues identified. productive certainly. i didnt manage to get any housework done though and hey, guess what, it is still here to be done today..... i suspect that it will still be here tomorrow too. domestic goddess ..... NOT!!!

Well, i might go to bed.

yawning, tired and a bit cold.

taa taa for now


Anchell said...

It looks good!
What coffee tomorrow??? POOOOOO

Kathleen said...

I love your new template!!!

Kristy-Lee said...

I love the heading!

Very nice and pretty and booful.

Romy said...

I LOVE it...It is totally different from anyone elses and very you! Keep it!

Anchell said...

Yes, its SCHMICK for sure...bigger than my screen however....xx

rainbowspirit said...

hmmm - never thought of the size thing.

will get back on later and shrink it a bit...

gotta go

Cyndy said...

Looks great, Jen. And if you decide you don't like it, you can always change it; that's the beauty of it all! ;0)

Lisa said...

love it ! leave it alone!